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Preventing Underage Drinking & Drug Use

For more than twenty years Road Radio has reached student audiences across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and Connecticut. Your school and state could be next. The consequences of underage alcohol use remains a leading killer among America's youth.

Parent/Community Show

Our kids and schools need all the help they can get. See the latest facts and stats they're facing today. Alcohol & other drugs and the perils of the internet to name a few. Let's come together and help.

The Messenger

James Mothersbaugh is someone who knows firsthand about making bad choices. When Jim was a high school senior, he and three friends were involved in a drinking and driving crash that killed one friend and left Jim in a coma and paralyzed by a broken back. He experienced a miraculous physical recovery following the 1984 crash. However, for the rest of his life he will have to deal with the emotional inconsistencies of the "hidden" brain injury


To look at him, it's difficult to see that Jim was ever involved in a serious car crash. He knows though, too well, how teenage alcohol and other drug use can mess up a life, and change the hopes, dreams and futures of our young people. Jim has performed well over 1,000 shows for hundreds of thousands of local students and is also a professional motivational speaker available to speak at your company's/organization's next function!


Almost everyone knows of a young life cut short or irreparably damaged from an alcohol-related driving crash, and we all would like to see such tragedies prevented. Jim faced these feelings after his crash and desired to reach and help young people by sharing the consequences he experienced. Thus, Jim became the creator of an exciting communication for teens called Road Radio USA. The bad choices that led to the crash and changed his life and the lives of those around him is the focus of this graphic, award-winning show. Pulling from pre- and post-crash life experiences, Jim and the Road Radio crew devote their time and talents to getting the message across to teens about the consequences of alcohol and drug use.

Input and support from many drug and alcohol professionals, educators, students, and lawmakers throughout Pennsylvania, have led to the development of the current show, which has proven very effective in reaching teens.

Motivational Speaking Seminar / Corporate Events & Shows 

As he has done many times, Jim is also available to your business or organization for hire as a motivational speaker. Jim's life story and message makes a positive impact on adults of all ages and of any occupation. In addition to being an accomplished professional motivational speaker, Jim has two outstanding shows that he performs for students. One, the underage drinking/drug prevention message that he has performed successfully for over 20 years for middle school age students and the second, a driving safety/distracted driving show geared for older students and adults. Both shows have had a tremendous impact on our students and adults of any age! 


Road Radio USA - Preventing Underage Drinking and Drug Use
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