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Date School Time
April 6, 2015
Canton High School
April 8, 2015
South Williamsport
May 14, 2015


12pm & 1:15pm
June 25, 2015
Bedford County Camp Cadet
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Special thanks to our sponsors for helping make Road Radio USA a continued success for over twenty years, one thousand shows, and hundreds of thousands of students 


Preventing Underage Drinking & Drug Use



Welcome to Road Radio USA

The ongoing dilemma of underage drinking continues to tear families apart and cost America multiple billions.

For over twenty-years, ROAD RADIO USA has broadcast its message to nearly a million students in
schools across Pennsylvania, Southern New York and Northern Maryland. Our means of communicating is a big hit! Students from kindergarten through college, along with faculty and staff, appreciate how ROAD RADIO USA conveys our serious messages and powerful testimonials.

Stage lighting... audio and visual effects... all wrapped around some of the best music from yesterday and today, working together to reinforce the value of ROAD RADIO USA as a proven "EDUTAINMENT" tool. Strong letters from a variety of educators over the years compliment ROAD RADIO's success!

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to help ROAD RADIO USA continue its mission of spreading the truth about the dangers of underage alcohol USA. YOUR DONATION will HELP CHANGE, young attitudes and save lives one school assembly at a time!

"If we save just one life, it's well worth it. From the responses we are getting, we are reaching many more (young adults). "
~Jim Mothersbaugh Jr., President and Founder of Road Radio USA Inc.





Road Radio USA - Preventing Underage Drinking and Drug Use
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